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Single dishes or full course meals for your all occasions.


Snack Shack

Hungry? You will be!

Welcome to the Snack Shack where leaving you feeling full and satisfied is our goal! Come visit for the best home cooked food in Canal Flats.


Regular Hours: 11am – 7pm

Wednesdays: Closed


9115 Grainger Rd
Canal Flats, BC V0B 1B0

What is the Snack Shack?

The Snack Shack is your one-stop-shop for all the yummy food in Canal Flats! With all day treats, easy Lunches and savory homestyle dinners, we are here to fill your tummies.

Food made just the way mom would.

Everything we make here at the snack shack is meant to inspire that feeling of home. Of a well cooked meal or treat that only mom could of pulled off.


Fresh Ingredients

We strive to obtain as much fresh LOCAL ingredients in the Kootenay Valley as possible. Our Customers mean the world to use and we want to make sure they are being fed only the best. That’s why we have the best food in Canal Flats.

Daily Meals

We will have a rotating lunch and dinner menu filled with fabouls soups and harty meals. Each day of the week will have it’s own set meals so be sure to check out or menu to find which day your favorites show up!

About Us

Fast, Fresh Homemade Food in Canal Flats

When it comes to cooking, we pride ourselves on providing food that brings joy. We want you to savor each and every bite. Tested and tried, our colective of recipes will be sure to have your mouth watering.

Good food in canal flats. where feeling full and satisfied is our goal.

Home-Cooked Food In Canal Flats

Are you feeling hungry?

Wish you had something to hit the spot?

Come on down to the Snack Shack we have fantastic food made fresh every day! Stay and hang out or take your meal on the go, either way your tummy will thank you!

Lunches & Dinners

All Day Treats


Raving Reviews

Our Customers and their experince mean the world to us.

Here are some of the awesome things people are saying!


The Weiner Man

So…having tasted everything at the up and coming snack shack . And being a lover of great food made with love and an attention to detail. Here’s what I think….low carb egg bombs.  Easy to pop in your tummy for a healthy breakfast treat.  My favorites are made with spinach and cheese.  Delightful ..muffins.  Fresh daily .a real treat. Lots of fresh fruit and flavor.. but.  My passion.  The cinnamon bun. Some with raisins. Some..nuts. And all topped with a magnificent cream cheese icing.. last but not least.  A great selection of homemade tea buiscut..with fillings like bacon and cheese … pepperoni.. all great snack foods.. good luck my friend.  Great job.  Thx for allowing me to taste everything…THE WEINER MAN